So who is Lady Fortuna? This excerpt From Wiki can explain why she is the symbol and desgin on most Pamp Suisse. She is a roman goddess whom has the power over luck, fate and fortune. Her design on pamp suisse is symbolic of these attributes, as people hope she will bring fortune into thier lives. You might know her as “Lady Luck”

Fortuna (LatinFortūna, equivalent to the Greek goddess Tyche) was the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. She might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, and came to represent life’s capriciousness. She was also a goddess of fate: as Atrox Fortuna, she claimed the young lives of the princepsAugustus‘ grandsons Gaius and Lucius, prospective heirs to the Empire.[1]

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